Earth Oracle


“Sometimes it’s just about asking the right Questions and then rooting the answers back into the earth”



The Library of the Akashic Records

Opening the space of the Records will lead us to healing our earthly belonging wound and connecting properly to our roots.
Heaven on Earth
It is important to be solidly connected to our roots as it is the only way to restore the true essence of Love back into the Mater (matter).
Infiltrating the dense layers with the purity of our essence is, ultimately what will restore the freedom and balance in our immediate, biological families, in our tribes and communities and eventually back into the larger mycelium of life. 
This is done through getting to know our ancestry, claiming the gifts and the magical legacies of skill, truth and compassion.
This then will heal and restore our spirit of belongingness, which is the bond that binds all life, the primordial membrane that binds us to the sacredness of Life.
The Akashic Reading:
In a reading with Ligia, the Akashic records will be openned, allowing any wisdom to come through naturally, there is also an important space for questions and explorations in any area of our lives we feel called to shed light, leading eventually to clarity, clean and straightforward guidance, tools & stepping stones, together with a deeper understanding of one’s own position on the map of destiny.
The readings usually takes up between 1.5 – 2h. and are always recorded,
so you can return again and listen to it whenever needed.
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