Remembering the Wisdom - Journey Deeper with Ligia


The 8 Womb Portals an 8 Week Course

On this 8 Week Journey Together…

You will sail with yourself while I will be there holding your hand for only a while,

until you learn to dive alone, after the 8 meetings.

We prepare to hold hands in a private, nurturing group of women,

weaving healing visions & stories together.

We will explore the intrinsic layers of the hidden feminine labyrinth,

the magical map within your womb and the womb of Gaia.

This leads to a deeper intimacy and understanding of your own self

by restoring our sexuality within the clean Red waters of our ancestral lines. 

We will rise fresh like the morning sun, bringing new perceptions, clarity,

sweetness and enthusiasm in making love to our own life again!

Course Direction

  • The integration of deeper aspects of ourselves, uncovering our deep ancestral feminine gifts and creating our lives from an empowered sense of being.

  • To activate and heal old traumas, ancestral reconnection and healing of our own roots.

  • To feel more vitality, a better understanding of our beautiful feminine body, experiencing our magic in a safe space. 


Course Intention: 

The intention is to activate all aspects of your feminine, leading women closer to the mystery of the great feminine which we are all part of.

Course Content: 

In this course we will take a gentle yet potent journey through the 8 meridian points of our Womb & Vulva, passing from written information to guided meditations, activations in the body and sacred ritual.

Chanting and movement are also likely so its useful to have private space during the sessions. 

We will be exploring different aspects of the feminine within ourselves in order to gain and reconnect with the sacredness of our bodies. 


The 8 Gateways of the Womb

1 ~ First gateway: Innocence, Hope and pure Sensuality of the Maiden, initiation in the Clitoris Gate.
2 ~ Second gateway: Sweet divine pleasure, The Queen, the importance of Satisfaction and Juice of life, activation of the G-spot Gate
3 ~ Third gateway: The fulfillment of total, feminine Wisdom, the Cosmic Crone and the initiation of the Cervix.
4 ~ Earth Gate, entrance into Womb Materialization of our lives: relationships and all human circumstances, purification, Ancestors
5 ~ Fire Gate, Wild Feminine engaging in the Creative Fire of Mama Earth, Truth and Life Force.

6 ~ Air Gate, North Belly, Fine Feminine, All-Knowing, Holy Frequency, Celestial Purity, High Sophia.

7 ~ Water Gate, the feminine Avatar, Emotions and Fluids and Primordial Memories, Purification and Reconnection with the Deep Self. ( Scorpio, Cancerian & Piscean NN)

8 ~ Vortex Gate, the Great Black Mother, Shamanic death, return to the womb as fertile ground, empty, ready to be planted aNew, Rebirth

For each of our 8 Sessions Please prepare:

You will need an INTIMATE and comfortable space and your full deep presence is key. 

Something to write as you might want to take notes. (Your Akashic Journal if you underwent the journey)


  •  Commitment to the sacred space and dedication to our own bodies for the duration of the course. 

  •  To live, act, speak from the sacred space within as much as possible during this 2 months.

Course Details:

Each week for 8 weeks our Group will meet via Zoom in a Sacred Container held by Ligia.

Each Womb Gate session runs from 1.5 to 2 hours, and is held via Zoom.

A “Telegram” group will be formed and the Zoom calls Link will be posted there for each session at a time. We will also use this group space for sharings, questions or reminders.

More info will be sent to you after you register.


Testimonial from Andreea Diana:
“How can I best describe the workshops with Loali when words are not enough ?!.. I’ll begin by remembering her sweet voice, her sweet guidance, the way she made me feel safe. And seen. And heard. Held in a soft embrace of grace and realness. I loved that she blends mysticism with the mundane, the ideal with the possible.
For each of us women, the journey was personal, we crossed gates and portals to get deeper into ourselves. We met our guides, we made peace with our softness, our grace.
We embraced the wildness, we howled to the moon! We went deep into our womb and discovered the treasures that were waiting for us. And there’s so much to say and so many things flood me when i look back.
But you’ll see on your own. Trust. And you’ll be grateful that you took that step.”

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