The Rose Trails

We are walking in mysterious times,

like rose trails in a wild forest…

Sometimes the only thing that makes sense is listening to the guidance of our own body – the soft feminine raw force…

like the depth of the Earth herself.

We are all attuned to the primordial Womb of the Mother – both men and women – were we can draw strength, true knowledge & understanding of our own intricate self.

Walking a path of beauty is a holy return – like returning to a forest, naked, fragile & in touch with the magic of even the deepest caves.

This is what heals the world, luring love back into all the secret corners of our lives. Tough at times it feels dense, our systems are regulated by the Earth’s magnetic field & our bodies hold the wisdom.

Mary Magdalene walked the Earth as a Mistress of this path of Love. 

She is the Beloved ~ of nature, of men & women, of everything that is alive. She travels with us through the long arduous corridor of death and rebirth, where the Black Infinite Mother awaits.

She is The Empress that casts sparkling Rose petals in the deep, nourishing Dark Womb of transformation.

She is the Gatekeeper of the Paradise gardens inside us, of worlds within worlds, gently guiding all existence into the wisdom of Omega.

You can also Journey on this Path of Love 

This Garden in you is filled with perfumed roses & only you can unlock this pure paradise, by first knowing yourself.

Mary Magdalene can represent the fire of your freedom aswell as the wild, untamed, raw power and purity of your soul in a holy human body.

Like a Rose, she carries endless secret gifts that were hidden away in you until the right time comes, when she will place them at your feet, so you can remember who you truly are.

A glimpse of what we might explore during our time together:

The Rose Akashic Journey:

  • Rooting and bringing forth your wild feminine nature with a deep inner dive (Guided Meditation)

  • Womb & Water blessing ceremony

  • Prayer

  • Revelations & messages through the Akashic Field

This is a 2h session which will take place in Zoom, once you Book a Session with me here

Remaining in your feminine, nourished state, requires an awareness of your own power, intent & boundaries.

If you honor your boundaries, the world will unconsciously respond to your sensual nature, which will shape more & more of your outside world.

We are beautiful, magical creatures of the earth & the more layers we embody & allow ourselves to experience, the more rich & fertile the soil that feeds us becomes.

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